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Tiny Turtles is dedicated to teaching swimming lessons to babies and children in order for them to swim confidently and safely. Our team believes that once your baby learns how to crawl, it is also time for them to learn how to swim.  Contact us today to get started!

Here is What We Offer!

Start to Swim

In this program your child will learn how to hold their breath under water, swim independently to an exit and rotate on their back to rest, float, and breathe.


This program builds on our "Start to Swim" program by allowing your child to further practice their skills while learning more advanced techniques like returning to a swim from a floating position.


Once your child has mastered the Tiny Turtles Start to Swim and Maintenance programs, they are ready for our 3-step Stroke Program which focuses on all four competitive strokes.


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Cindy Ricketts
Head Coach Start to Swim Program

Cindy has been teaching swimming for over 8 years in Central Florida.  However, being around children is something Ms. Cindy has been doing for 30+ years. Before moving to Florida, Cindy owned and directed a pre-school.  Cindy fell in love with teaching swimming after her 4 children all went through similar swim lessons and were happy skilled swimmers before the age of 2.

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Trish Muehlstein

She has been teaching babies and children to swim for over 15 years. Her love of swimming started at a young age.  She grew up swimming for multiple AAU teams and competed from age 5-18. She has taught Red Cross lessons and was a lifeguard in her teenage years. her passion for teaching babies began when all 4 of her children were taught to swim before their first birthday!

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David Torres
Head Coach of Stroke Development

David's love for the water began as a competitive swimmer and water polo player. He's been a stroke instructor since 2007 and a competitive age-group swim coach for the last 5 years. He's had the opportunity to coach at various levels including a brief stint as Head Coach for local High School's water polo team. Along his last 5 years Coach David has also made guest appearances at peak swim camps in New York, Connecticut, and Florida. We are blessed to have him as part of our Tiny Turtles Swim School program.

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"Coach Trish has been amazing with both of my daughters. My oldest was almost 5 when we started lessons. She was one who was terrified of the water. After the 1st week of lessons, her fear was gone and she was swimming like a pro! She felt totally comfortable with Coach Trish from the start til the end of her lessons. Without a doubt in my mind, Abby would not be the little fish that she is without Coach Trish.

My youngest daughter was almost 2 when we started lessons. It is pretty amazing to watch your baby learn how to swim at such a young age! My oldest was in floaties til she was 5 and now my 2 year old is fully swimming on her own because of lessons with Coach Trish! She jumps in, swims til she needs a breath then flips over and rest on her back as instructed. We now see Coach Trish every week for maintenance.

These lessons were well worth it to teach my daughters how to swim and possibly save the lives if ever in that position."            

Abby and Emma's Mom, Jill

"Both my kids started swimming with Tiny Turtles. They were both afraid of the water at first but now enjoy it. My daughter has moved on to strokes and my son still goes to Tiny Turtles for maintenance lessons and refuses to swim with anyone else.  Thank You to the Tiny Turtles Team for teaching them safety around water and instilling confidence in my children."

Ananta Jadonath

"Our son began swim lessons with Tiny Turtles in July 2016 when he was 2 1/2 years old. At that time he had to use wrap around body float to get around the pool. He very much had a tendency to swim in a vertical position due to the float. We made the decision to put him in swim lessons for his safety and our peace of mind. We have continued with the Maintenance classes with Tiny Turtles so he can learn other fundamentals and feel comfortable in the pool. He jumps into the pool now when he goes to visit his grandparents which never happened before Tiny Turtles! We have been so happy with our son's progress with and look forward to his swim development with the Tiny Turtles Team in the future!"  

Peyton's Mom

In 140 minutes with Ms. Trish, 10 minutes a day for 14 days, my 12 month old baby went from crying and floundering in the water to rolling over and floating all by herself. It's simply amazing. Ms. Trish has set the bar high with her innovative methods of teaching a baby how to use her/his instincts to survive in the water. This is my 4th child to put in baby swim lessons and this has been the best experience of them all.

Michelle Corcia

Aidan began taking swim lessons with Trish just before he turned a year old. We have a pool in our backyard and know that even if we are super careful, accidents can happen and we wanted to give him that extra layer of protection.  After the first lesson, I was convinced that there was no way someone as young as Aidan would ever be able to learn how to flip over and float on his back. But Trish was extremely patient, kind and caring with him so we stuck with it. With every lesson, we could see little improvements and Trish continued to reassure me that Aidan was getting closer and closer to be able to flip and float. Sure enough, he has now almost mastered it! And because of how gentle she is with him, he is so much more calm and relaxed than when we first started. I would highly recommend Trish to anyone considering swim lessons for their child!

Melissa Trimble

Trish is gifted when it comes to teaching toddlers and infants how to swim.  She has the patience of a saint! My boy girl twins have been taking lessons for just 2 weeks and I am impressed.  My daughter is strong willed and Trish knew how to work with her.  She went from crying to excitement after just 3 lessons.  Thank you!!!

Gina Dere
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