Start to Swim

These lessons are private 1 on 1 instruction 10 minutes in length and are held daily Monday- Friday. It usually lasts an average of 4 weeks to master the skills of swimming independently and rotating onto their back to rest, float and breath.



These are private 1-on-1 lessons held once or twice a week for 10 minutes to build on and maintain the skills the child has mastered in the Start to Swim program. Maintenance lessons are important to continue practicing the skills learned, like their float and rotation, and build onto them with more advanced skills like returning to a swim from a floating position and swimming longer distances in the pool.



Once the child has mastered the Tiny Turtle Levels, and they can happily swim-float-swim across the pool, then they are ready for stroke lessons.  Stroke lessons are 1-on-1 private 15 minute lessons for all ages and levels of experience.  Lessons will focus on fun, safety, and proper technique across all four competitive strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breast stroke, and Butterfly).  Following a logical skill progression, swimmers will learn the basics of moving through the water.

There are 3 Levels to the Stroke program.

  • Level 1: is an introduction to the sport of swimming with a strong focus on fun you will learn the basics of freestyle and backstroke technique. 
  • Level 2: for intermediate is a refinement of the skills learned in level 1, as well as, an introduction to Breast stroke and Butterfly technique. 
  • Level 3: is an advance stroke progression where all four strokes are covered and swimmer will be ready for a competitive program.

Small Group Lessons:  These are 30 minute lessons with 3-4 students with similar abilities.  These lessons incorporate games and drills to enhance the stroke level of the students.  The student must first take a few private lessons with the instructor prior to starting the group lesson. 


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