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It’s All About The Kids

Swimming scholarships are awarded to families based on demonstrated needs.

Tiny Turtles Swim School never wants a child not able to receive high quality swimming lessons due to a financial challenge. 

We have partnered up with many local businesses that believe in our mission and work together as a community to enable ALL children to receive these very important life skills taught through swimming lessons.  

Please send all scholarship requests to


This is Ryder


Ryder was awarded our first scholarship...

His awesome Mom was "looking for quality swimming lessons for my medically fragile 3 year old son.

Ryder was born with a birth defect known as Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.

He spent the first 5 months of his life in the Winnie Palmer Hospital NICU and required a trach & ventilator to finally make it home.

Ryder has done so well over the past 2 years completing speech, occupational & physical therapy.

He no longer needs the trach & ventilator.

He only has one lung, but we are optimistic that his left lung will continue to grow & develop over the next few years, and is now diagnosed with Chronic lung disease and asthma.

Ryder's Mom was out of work for 2 years to take care of her son.  

We are blessed to be a part of Ryder's life and happy to report he is a happy, safe and strong swimmer now!!


This is Nick


Nick was born in the Bahamas.

As a result of complications during pregnancy, Nick's limbs did not fully develop.

We met Nick at summer camp after he was adopted by the Saunders Family.

Scott Saunders met Nick years ago traveling to the Bahamas to fit Nick for prosthetic limbs and instantly fell in love.... As did we at Tiny Turtles!!

Never met a kid like Nick with such a powerful positive fearless mindset.  We are so honored to know him and be able to make sure he was able to save himself with a restful float.

He excelled beyond our expectation and became a very strong swimmer!


1st Annual Big Wheel Grand Prix

Shoutout to all the lovely families that joined us!

We'd Like To Thank Our Sponsors Below





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